About Students Olympic

  • The purpose of Students Olympic Association is to develop the children mentally, socially and physically from school level.
  • To organize all competitions under one flag and increase communal harmony in the country.
  • There are different games of national level, district level and state level of different education board like CBSE, ICSE, ISE, CVE. Our purpose is that we should organize under one flag.
  • There are three ways in students like to get success.
    • Education
    • Sports
    • Cultural Activities
  • Education:-
    To prepare the students for IPS, IAS, IIT, JEE, PMT written test for increasing the education level and to inspire for education.
  • To promote the value of competition in 5th class students. To organize the competition at the district level, state level and national level for subject, general knowledge and mental ability.
  • When a 5th class student gets any place through his education at district level then he/she gets natural motivation. In this way the students of 8th, 10th and 12th can improve the level of education.
  • The awareness of education will increase in students and they will connect with the country with the help of G.K. and logical power.
    With the help of this institution, the level of education will be developed.
  • Sports:-
    The main purpose of Students Olympic Association is social mental which is incomplete without sport.
  • The purpose of this institution is that it prepares a child for competition. If we organize district level, state level, national level competitions for a ten-year student then he will glorify the nation in four years in the future.
  • With the help of games, we can keep our body healthy.”A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.”
  • More than 300 games shall be organized in association for participant at first District, State, National , South-Asian, Asian and we organize 1st students Olympic in 2017-18 in India.
  • Culture Activities:
    The cultural programs is based on the factual image of a nation in which play, local songs, Dance etc. include and the same Cultural Activities is the image of students.
  • In presence situation our aim should be as patriotism up to the childhood and special inspiration should be towards eloped cultural activities.
  • The competitor who does not become good players of any games, nor adopt any good education but apart from all can dance, sing and play instruments he/she can also develop the nation and help with his/her best capacity.
  • By the medium competition between different states and activities one can find the cultural and maintain the brotherhood.
  • It is our paramount duty to comics the stage of our country and safe the old cultural to save the national.
  • The student of K.G. to P.G. can participate in the S.O.A.
  • S.O.A. is divided in two parts on under.
  • A) Under age group.
  • B) Sub-junior, junior and senior.
  • A) Under age group
  • For boys.U-10, U-12, only for district or state level. If consider necessary. U-14, U-16, U-22, U-25 and onwards 35 years. The above all categories of block and state level competitions have to show their talents and after that at the international level.
  • For girlsU-10, U-12, they all girls students shall play up to district or state level. If consider necessary also international level.
  • B) Sub junior-
  • In such kind of categories includes U-14.
  • Junior-
    In such kind of categories includes U-18.
  • Senior-
    In such kind of categories we includes 18 year to 35 year. It shall be only for student.
  • Sports competition can be held in any level. In this, no permission is required from that state, permission of only higher official is compulsory.
  • The competitions will held first at block, district, state and then national by the organization
  • The player who have not played block can directly play district, if district competition do not take place then he can directly play state. No any player can play national directly.
  • Those players who stand first, second, third at block, taluka, tehsil or district level by the organization will get the certificate. In some games, players securing 4th position will also get certificate.
  • In competition exams at block level. Top 20 student boys and 20 girls will get certificate and only they can take part at district level. At district level top 10 boys and top 10 girls will be given certificates.
  • No competition can take place without the permission of higher officials.
  • The incharge of every state, district and block will be the secretary and can use his power independently according to the rules of the organization.
  • If any competition is held at any level by the organization, then its record should be submitted to the higher officials within 15 days otherwise action will be taken against him. Or he could be dismissed of his position.
  • Written information of the competition at any level to the police department and health department is compulsory.
  • If any player gets injured during any competition, then organization will not have any responsibility and will provide first aid and will provide help only in the departmental procedure.
  • The organization is organizing all the games under its banner which will help to encourage sports in the country. In this name of any other sports organization will not be mentioned. Name of any other sports organization will be mentioned only when that organization provide acceptance.
  • Any other sports club or sports organization can join the organization or can take affiliation from S.O.A.
    Organization will make its own sports calendar which will provide information about the national level sports, cultural activities and educational programs. State level calendars will be made by the state secretary, but the national secretary must have information about it.
  • Competent must not use any narcotics / drugs or any other problematic stuff in any competition of the organization. If found so then his/her membership will be cancelled and organization may also ban him.
  • If any employ cause harm to name, fame and image of the organization then he will be dismissed or his post might be changed through a meeting.
  • Annual audit of the organization will be there.
  • No competent can take part in any competition of the organization without registration.
  • Competent taking part in the competition (e.g. Block District, State and National) of the organization will have to pay registration fee so that we can provide better and high level competitions.
  • The registration fee includes the daily expenditure of official in ground.
  • Registration fee will be taken from the competent until the organization gets any grant from the government.
  • These details do not include daily expenses i.e. Transport and diet of the participant. He/she will have to arrange it herself/himself or will have to deposit the amount separately.
  • Competent will have to provide money themselves before the competition for any camp or preparation so that we can provide the good coaches, teachers and any other material facilities.
  • The participant who is physically handicapped will not have to pay any registration fee either of national, district level and all other stage. In case the participant is sent for any international competition then origination will bear 50% of their expenditure.
  • The participant who studies in government school they should be expense fees of every level.
  • In case of any participate take participation of international level some percentage of has fixed by the governing body shall be based by association and rest of whole expense shall be afforded by the participant himself. Apart from it if he gets assistance from the government then whole expense shall be based by the association.
  • The secretary of association shall be allowed to call upon for a emergency meeting on emergency basis.
  • Any person who has civil qualification of 10+2 and also c.ped, b.ped and the complete knowledge of play activities can be appointed of any post in respect of association.
  • A person either on government service or non government service he appointed on any part of association.
  • The proceedings of any kind of in respect of association shall be considered in writing.
  • The transaction of banks shall be dealt with the rights of only by secretary or treasurers.
  • All union territory can have also competition as an independent nation.
  • Any person of states or district can be appointed secretary and also more than one i.e. two can be appointed for smooth functioning of task.
  • Any secretary can be dealt at any time in any competition.
  • In case if the fees is taken with more than fixed date then the departmental action shall be taken against fee repay.
  • The duties of any kind shall be assigned with for any competition to any official/member of association.
  • It is necessary and compulsory to registration the program of any level of competition shall be announced and fixed before will it 3 days advance.
  • The participant shall not be afforded any kind of help in care of receipt of external grant for celebration and in this situation the participant shall have to arrange of all economic expenditure himself.
  • It is stated that nation secretary, state secretary or any other officer is bound to treat ill behavior with junior and also not allowed to do any unsuitable work, he/she shall be terminated by the association duly served with show cause notice.
  • The state secretary or district secretary shall have to pay in Students Olympic Association as donation which shall be counted for district secretary worth `2100 out of ` 11000 for Students Olympic Association and `1000 in bank A/C. State secretary shall have to pay donation `2200 to `11000. In case if he/she organized of all kind of competition he/she has to pay `1100 and in case of the organized different type he/she has to pay `2200 to `11000 as compulsory donation.
  • Any work of activities including to, the whole expenditure by the association.
  • In case of secretary or any other member goes outside for any work than whole expense shall be bear by the association.
  • It is very necessary to have the records of all appointed officer block and district level and state level (name, address, phone no. etc.).
  • During the competition all records of photo clips shall be submitted for further action.
  • The right of selection pertaining of competition shall be given to respective district, state level secretary. He/she select and prepare the list of competition at his/her own choice in this selection meeting. There are three officers are compulsory to finalize the result.
  • In any case of doping or misbehavior related to any other organization, any decision of the working committee will be final and acceptable/applicable.
  • Association Year
    The official year including financial year of the Student Olympic Association shall be from 1st April to 31st March.
  • The membership fee shall be paid on or before March 31 of every year. The members whose membership fee remains unpaid would be termed as defaulters and shall not be entitled to attend the meetings of the general Assembly, executive council. Other so a commissions, nor shall they be permitted to participated in the National games, Defaulters will be served a Registered Acknowledgement Due notice by the S.O.A Treasure for payment of the Annual Renewal fee, Along with the Penalty fee of Rs. 500/- per month, of a year of default Defaulters will be entitled for restoration of rights and Privileges only on Payment of the annual Renewal for along with the Applicable Penalty for.